January 1, 2014

Ian Skidmore

He did more farewell performances than Sinatra and, like Ken Dodd, refused to get off the stage while people were still laughing. But – and

Bodoni, Friday

Still in holiday mode but, unable to stop, we came across a quote via the editor’s blog of Press Gazette lifted from a story in The


  Brian Hitchen and his wife Nelli were both killed after being hit by a car while walking along the pavement in Altea, Spain, on

Dr Syntax

Hyphens and line breaks Hyphens and compound nouns The Union Jack Mis-use of Ms Creeping Americanisation #     Man’s laughter or male diction? Hyphenation

A Guide to Tax 2010

Introduction This tax guide for authors and journalists has been prepared by HW Fisher & Company Ltd, Chartered Accountants. Please note that this information is


Internet sites that may be of interest… Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London 1674 to 1834 http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/ All our yesterdays: (Annie Robinson, Mirror TV commercial)

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He’s no journalist… he’s a poet Roy Greenslade Media Guardian. April 25: There is a superb reminiscence on the gentlemenranters.com website today by Colin Dunne.


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