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All you need to know about getting into newspapers and becoming a successful tabloid hack is available in one racy new autobiography, says Harold Heys. So (even though it’s written by somebody we’ve never actually heard of) we offer it for the enlightenment of all those media lecturers out there who might want to pass on the knowledge to their eager students.

Heys met the author when she wandered into the front office of the paper he was working for. ‘Go and see the woman in the front hall’ was the command we all dreaded, recalls Bill Greaves.

But he went, interviewed a reader, and changed the make-up of the Daily Mail Front Page – and his own career – for many years thereafter.

Of course, there were worse places than the front hall in which the olden day reporter could find himself. Like the Savoy Grill, with the proprietor, as Alan Whittaker reports.

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