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Angel’s Envy Bourbon is a delicate, yet bold, Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey that is sweet and smooth from start to finish but still has the bold and spicy notes we have come to expect from bourbon. It is a subtle, yet complex bourbon, that has a sweet start and a smooth finish, but still has those bold flavors we associate with quality straight bourbon whiskey.

Made at Angel’s Envy Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky, Angel’s Envy is a high-end, well-balanced, highly drinkable bourbon whiskey. This award-winning bourbon is available in a number of blends, mellowed for different periods of time to create complex and unique taste creations.

Angel’s Envy bourbon is made in very small batches, no more than 8-12 barrels at a time, making it a rare, sophisticated, and high-end bourbon for choice bourbon drinkers. It is perfect as a sipping bourbon, on the rocks, or as the start of a cocktail or mixed drink. Its unique flavor is unparalleled and will enhance the flavor of a traditional bourbon and Coke to a whole new level.

The bourbon ages for as long as six years and this is finished in ruby port wine casks made from French oak which gives it a unique flavor and subtle tastes that are unmatched by any other bourbon brand. Special editions of the bourbon are finished differently, leading to bourbon with a unique flavor profile that is unlike anything else available today. The different varieties are further aged in a specific type of barrel for lengthy periods of time to coax out nuanced and complex flavors.

The two most popular types of Angel’s Envy bourbon are rum finished bourbon and cask strength. Rum finished bourbon finishes for as long as 18 months in a Caribbean rum cask. The cask strength is an award-winning bourbon that is specially-selected for a very lengthy finishing process that leads to a strong, rich, and bold bourbon.

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Angel’s Envy is an excellent option when considering your next bourbon to explore. The famed brand of bourbon is owned and made by the well-known