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Bulleit Bourbon is a high-end, small-batch straight Kentucky bourbon whiskey that is made in Lawrenceburg, Indiana at the Four Roses Distillery. It is a rich, complex bourbon that is long-aged and mellowed for a rich, bold, but smooth flavor. It is made in a tried-and-true way, sticking to the original recipe more than a century later.

This bourbon features a higher rye content than many other competing brands, which lends it a unique, spicy, and complex flavor. The bourbon is mellowed in oak barrels from anywhere between five to eight years, depending on the style and blend. Each style is carefully crafted to produce a specific flavor combination, ranging from sweet to spicy and bold.

Bulleit is a highly drinkable bourbon that works equally well as a sipper or for mixed drinks. It has a unique and bold spicy taste that lets it stand apart from other rye-heavy whiskeys in the same price range. It is a mid-priced bourbon, making it more accessible than some higher-end brands which may be hard to find and out of most people’s price range.

Created by Augustus Bulleit some 150 years ago, Bulleit bourbon is made in the same, traditional way it always has been. The high-rye grain content is combined with corn, barley malt, special strains of yeast, and only the purest Kentucky water. This gives it a unique, traditional taste that finishes smoothly every time.

Bulleit Bourbon has won many awards over the years for its high-end taste and quality. The rich, sweet, spicy, and bold bourbon is 90 proof and has a rye content of as high as 28%, much higher than most other Kentucky whiskey producers. This gives it a particularly bold, spicy, and sophisticated flavor that is mellowed by years of aging in quality charred oak barrels until it reaches its peak perfection and quality.

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Bulleit Bourbon is a tremendously popular straight bourbon choice among many whiskey loyalists who value quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. The spirit is loved