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Gentleman Jack Whiskey is a high-end, premium version of the classic and well-known Jack Daniel’s. This is a traditional Tennessee whiskey that is smooth, rich in flavor, and uniquely bold. A straight bourbon whiskey, Gentleman Jack goes through a unique process of aging that leads to its unparalleled flavor.

This was the first new spirit introduced by Jack Daniels in decades and when it came to market in 1988, it quickly proved a crowd-pleaser. This is a top-shelf bourbon whiskey that is excellent for sipping, on the rocks, neat, or as the base of a cocktail or mixed drink like Jack and Coke. This special version of the famous Tennessee whiskey has retained its popularity, standing the test of time.

The whiskey was inspired by the founder, Jack Daniels, and it features a double charcoal mellowing process that is what leads to its exceptionally smooth, unique, yet balanced taste. It has a bold, spicy start and a smooth, clean finish. This extra step not only gives the spirit a unique and one-of-a-kind taste, but it also makes it smoother with a far less harsh finish than many other brands of whiskey.

All Jack Daniels whiskey is filtered through maple charcoal as a means of mellowing the whiskey before it is barreled and aged. Gentleman Jack goes through the second round of filtering and mellowing before it is barreled, which gives it a richer, more complex flavor than traditional Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7.

Made in the classic and traditional style, but with an added round of filtering and mellowing helps draw out some of the more complex flavors of the spirit and many liken the flavor of Gentleman Jacks to caramel or honey. It has a range of flavors, including grassy, minty, and sweet, without the overpowering alcohol taste some whiskeys are known for.

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