Larceny Bourbon

Larceny Bourbon is an award-winning small-batch, handcrafted bourbon maker that makes high-end wheated bourbon. The Larceny story starts with John E. Fitzgerald.

As U.S. Treasury Agent, Fitzgerald has easy access to facilities where whiskey was stored and aged, allowing him to surreptitiously taste the varied bourbon whiskeys across the country. He would sneak tastes and found a few favorites along the way.

He was known for going into rickhouses after hours to pilfer jugs of bourbon for his own personal use. Thus the legend of Larceny bourbon was born. He became a bourbon maker and even after the company was sold to Pappy Van Winkle, the name, and the spirit of the company, remained.

Larceny Bourbon is a wheated bourbon, which means it has a high wheat content that leads to a smooth, well-balanced, and easy to drink bourbon. Larceny uses a higher wheat content than most other wheated bourbon brands, as much as 20%, which is some 25% more than many competing brands of wheated bourbon whiskey.

Their high-end, small-batch wheated bourbon is perfect neat or on the rocks and is an excellent sipping bourbon that has a unique, complex blend of flavors with a smooth, clean finish.

Larceny is handcrafted at Heaven Hill Distillery in Kentucky and sources the finest local ingredients. Heaven Hill Distillery is the largest family-owned distillery in the country with a time-honored history.

Once the bourbon is distilled, it is aged in classic rickhouses in the open air, just as was done in the old days. This means the bourbon oak barrels are exposed to a range of temperature changes, which give the finished products a unique, unmatched taste. There are some 55 rickhouses across numerous sites and the bourbons are mixed together to create a unique blend of the finest-tasting bourbon in America.

Bottles from Larceny Bourbon

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Larceny Bourbon

John E. Fitzgerald. The man. The myth. The legend. When it comes to the stories behind bourbon brands, some are grounded in fact, while others