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Merica Bourbon is a small-scale craft spirit company that makes handcrafted, high-end American-made bourbon whiskey. The company is founded on two basic principles: a love for America and a love for good whiskey.

Merica Bourbon was started by military veterans who shared a passion for their country and a good drink.

The company focuses on making a uniquely American whiskey, using only grains that were grown in America and the purest local water from the aquifer in the Ohio River Basin. The company has an intense passion for freedom and America and source all their ingredients and every step of the process is done in the United States.

Merica Bourbon is a corn-heavy style of bourbon that has a rich, bold, spicy, and unique flavor that is still smooth and easy to drink. The bourbon uses a blend of 70% corn, 26% rye, and 4% wheat. People swear by the smooth and clean taste of this whiskey, and that it offers such a range of pleasant flavors for not having been aged very long.

All their blends are created from their own mashbills and are made at the former site of the Joseph E. Seagram’s facility in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. The company uses patented technology to create a high-quality, consistent, and pure spirit that is excellent on its own or as the base of a mixed drink.

Using ultrasonic energy and oxygenation, fermentation and the final elements of the process are completed, creating a smooth, full-bodied, and pure bourbon that is free of congeners, which are substances that can alter the flavor of the whiskey. Merica Bourbon is aged for at least six months in new charred oak barrels. Their proprietary process allows them to coax out complex, rich flavors, without having to age the whiskey for many years in the process.

Bottles from Merica Bourbon

Merica Small Batch Bourbon bottle

Merica Small Batch Bourbon

The story of Merica Bourbon is one that any true American patriot can get behind. Originally founded by Derek Sisson, the brand is American veteran-owned