Rebel Yell

Rebel Yell Bourbon is a brand of Kentucky bourbon whiskey that is made in a traditional way to create an authentic bourbon with a taste good enough to drink it neat or to use it as the base for a Manhattan.

This bourbon is Kentucky born and made, distilled and aged at Lux Row Distillers in Bardstown, Kentucky.

An American classic, Rebel Yell Bourbon has been a fan favorite since 1849. The company is known for making a variety of small-batch, authentic, and unique blends of bourbon that is pleasing to the tastes of even the most discerning drinkers.

The whiskey comes in a squat, old-fashioned bottle with a no-nonsense label that recalls days gone by. The company uses a time-honored recipe that uses a mashbill of wheat and corn to create a smooth bourbon that has a rich, spicy taste and a smooth finish.

Available in a range of different styles and blends, this is an affordable, traditional bourbon whiskey that provides a consistent and quality flavor that is good on the rocks or in a cocktail. It is aged in oak barrels, some blends for as long as ten years, giving each bottle an incredibly unique, dense, and complex flavor profile that is unmatched by other traditional bourbons.

The company has two mashbills that lead to very different types of bourbon that are suited for those of varying tastes. One mashbill is a “wheated” version and the other is a “ryed” version. Both mashblls are predominately corn, but they have a higher amount of wheat and rye respectively to create two very different types of bourbon.

The wheated bourbon comes out smoother and less flavorful, whereas the ryed bourbon is a spicier, more complex, and bold-tasting bourbon. Both types of bourbon have their places and each is made with a unique blend of the highest-quality ingredients, aged to perfection.

Bottles from Rebel Yell

Rebel Yell Bourbon Whiskey

Rebel Yell Bourbon

Don’t sleep on this wheated bourbon with Stitzel-Weller lineage. Rebel Yell Bourbon is often left out of the wheated discussion. It is a borderline value