Redemption Whiskey is an up-and-coming distiller bringing the humble rye grain back into popularity in the spirit industry. Rye is a common grain easily distilled into a range of different spirits, most popularly whiskey. It was once one of the most popular grains for use in distilleries, but it fell out of fashion with prohibition.

After prohibition, the popularity of rye-based spirits continued to decline until it became a niche or craft spirit. Today, companies like Redemption bring back the appreciation of the rye-based spirit with their small batches of rye whiskey that is a taste revival for our modern times.

Redemption is trying to revive the popularity of the once-ubiquitous spirit and their high-end, aged rye whiskeys are fast becoming a popular spirit of choice. It is popping up in high-end clubs and bars and is becoming a drink of choice for discerning whiskey connoisseurs.

For a whiskey to be considered a rye whiskey, it must have at least 51% rye. Redemption feels like it needs to be as high in rye content as possible to really get the most authentic spirit, and so their rye whiskey has a rye content of 95%.

The high rye content gives the whiskey its unique, spicy, and flavorful taste. The spirits, aged in charred oak barrels, take on a rich, full flavor unmatched by other brands. All batches are made by hand and every bottle is hand-numbered.

Located in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, Redemption Whiskey is made in a 172-year old distillery. Carrying on the time-honored tradition of classic rye distilling, Redemption Whiskey is perfect neat or over ice, or even as the base of your favorite mixed drink or cocktail. The company is owned by Bardstown Barrel Selections, founded by Dave Schmier and Michael Kanbar, two well-known bourbon professionals.

Bottles from Redemption

Redemption Bourbon

Redemption Bourbon

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