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Angel's Envy Distillery

Angel’s Envy was started by a father, son, and grandson and is well-known for making high-end small-batch whiskeys. The distillery is located in the heart of bourbon country, Louisville, Kentucky. Today, produced by the Louisville Distilling Company, a subsidiary of Bacardi Limited, the company makes a unique type of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey loved by drinkers the world over.

The company is rooted in 200 years of bourbon-making and drinking heritage and was inspired by a Master Distiller, Lincoln Henderson. Henderson spent his life crafting the perfect bourbon whiskey, and Angel’s Envy is part of his legacy.


Angel’s Envy has a range of small-batch, handcrafted bourbons that please the taste buds of even the most picky bourbon drinker. Their main offerings are Cask Strength, Rum Finished, and Port Finished.

Cask Strength

Cask Strength is a complex, high proof bourbon that is well suited for sipping and is best enjoyed straight or with a splash of water. At 120.4 proof, this is a rich, bold, long-aged bourbon with fruity notes and a vanilla smell with a smooth, clean finish.

Rum Finish

This is a high rye bourbon that is finished in rum cask barrels for up to 17 months, which imparts a sweet and complex flavor to this 100 proof, well-balanced bourbon. This bourbon is sweet and spicy with a dry and smooth finish.

Port Finish

This Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is made in small batches of 8-12 barrels at a time. It is aged for 6 years and then moved to ruby port wine casks, which impart the bourbon with its unique flavor. This creates a bourbon that has vanilla and nutty notes with a smooth finish.

Tour Information

Tours are available at Angel’s Envy Distillery. The distillery is open seven days a week. Tour hours range from between 10 a.m. and 8:30 p.m., depending on the day of the week. They have slightly expanded retail hours for those who want to visit the gift shop. Orders can be made by phone, and you can even purchase take-home cocktails.

They offer three main tours and experiences: Finishing Roundtable Experience, Signature Tour, and the Inside the Barrel Tour.

Finishing Roundtable Experience

This is a reservation-only experience. Rather than a tour, this is an in-depth tasting that shows guests how to properly taste whiskey like a professional. The tasting is led by a professional, and each option is paired with chocolate for an enhanced tasting experience.

Signature Tour

This is a one-hour guided tour that costs $20 per person. This is a tour of the main Angel’s Envy Distillery located on Main Street in Louisville. The tour takes guests through the full distilling operation. Guests will get to actually watch the production process and see how the bourbon is finished. The tour ends at the bar for a guided tasting.

Inside the Barrel Tour

This is an in-depth one-hour tour that is $45 per person. On this tour, you will go on the same tour as is offered in the Signature Tour. In addition to getting a first-hand look at how the bourbon is made, you will see how bourbons are finished, learn about the barreling process, and see the science behind choosing the perfect barrel. The tour ends with a tasting, which includes small-batch, limited edition bourbons, as well as the chance to taste unfinished rye directly from the barrel.

Bottles from Angel's Envy

Angels Envy Bourbon bottle

Angel’s Envy Bourbon

Angel’s Envy is an excellent option when considering your next bourbon to explore. The famed brand of bourbon is owned and made by the well-known