Jim Beam Distillery

Jim Beam Distillery produces one of the most well-known American brands of Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey and several other fine Bourbons. The distillery is located in Clermont, Kentucky, in the heart of bourbon country. They have been in operation since 1795, with a short interruption in production during prohibition.

It is one of the most popular and best-selling brands in the world, and the Beam family is often considered the First Family of Bourbon, with eight generations and some 200-years of bourbon production.

The founder, Jacob Beam, went from a corn farmer to a master distiller. Old Jake Beam Sour Mash was the first offering in 1795, and their sour mash bourbon has remained a favorite of bourbon drinkers worldwide.


Jim Beam makes a range of different types of bourbon to meet the needs of the most discerning bourbon drinker. They have more classic offerings of basic Bourbon whiskeys. They also have a line of top-shelf whiskeys that are made for the more sophisticated bourbon drinker.

Additionally, they also have a line of flavored bourbons for those who have a bit more of a sense of taste adventure and are looking for a truly unique bourbon.

Finally, they also have a line of limited-time specialty bourbons made in small batches using unique formulas. These offerings are one-of-a-kind and a favorite with bourbon connoisseurs.

Included in their product line is:

  • Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Black Extra-Aged Bourbon
  • Vanilla Bourbon Whiskey
  • Apple Bourbon Whiskey
  • Honey Bourbon Whiskey
  • Peach Bourbon Whiskey
  • Maple Bourbon Whiskey
  • Kentucky Fire
  • Black Extra-Aged
  • Double Oak Twice Barreled
  • Pre-Prohibition Style Rye
  • Devil’s Cut
  • Bonded Bourbon Whiskey
  • Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey
  • Repeal Batch
  • Old Tub
  • Hot Toddy
  • Red Stag
  • Jacob’s Ghost
  • Booker’s
  • Baker’s
  • Basil Hayden’s
  • Knob Creek
  • Legent

Tour Information

Jim Beam Distillery is located in what is called the Birthplace of Bourbon in Clermont, Kentucky. You can visit the distillery for tours, special events, cocktails, and even tastings. Their stillhouses can be visited at the headquarters in Clermont, but there is also an Urban Stillhouse in Louisville. There are plans to close the Urban Stillhouse in the coming months as they focus on their main distillery in Clermont.

At their American Stillhouse in Clermont, you can enjoy a detailed and comprehensive tour, with explanations and much information about the distillation process and the company’s history. There is a full-fledged gift shop with a wide range of offerings. They also have a bourbon bar where you can enjoy all their offerings and excellent cocktails.

Throughout the year, there is also a range of special events. One of their current offerings is a virtual live stream with 8th generation distiller, Freddie Noe. This event is held every other week, with Noe shares stories about working at the distillery, bourbon-making, and more. The event is called “Another Round,” and people who wish to attend can sign up on their website.

There is a special venue called The Wellhouse, an event venue that can be rented out for any range of private events.

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Odds are, when asked to name a bourbon, the first brand to come to most Americans’ minds will be Jim Beam, and for good reason.