MGP of Indiana Distillery

Founded in 1847, MGP, or Midwest Grain Products, is a distillery located in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. They make a range of different kinds of spirits, with a focus on a variety of types of whiskey. The company was purchased by Seagram in 1933 and has changed hands a few times since then.

The company makes most of the country’s rye-based whiskeys, along with a wide range of other spirits, including vodka and gin. The distillery manufactures a wide range of spirits, including their own whiskeys under the MGP label.

The company has operations in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and Atchinson, Kansas, where they make a wide range of distilled spirits. The company also makes wheat proteins and starches used in a wide range of food and other brands worldwide. The company has been in continuous operation under its MGP name since 1941 and is a well-known and trusted brand that provides the grains and facilities needed to make some of our favorite distilled spirits.

The company was started and is still run by the Cray family, making it a time-honored, family-owned establishment that prides itself on being socially responsible to the community, treating its employees with pride, and providing the highest quality products possible.


MGP is best known for making whiskeys with a high rye content, but they also make corn-heavy bourbons, as well as corn whiskey, barley malt whiskey, high-rye whiskey, and high-wheat whiskey.

For a whiskey to officially be a bourbon, it must have at least 51% corn content by law. This leaves the other 49% up to the distiller, and the grains that are chosen will have a real effect on the ultimate taste, flavor, and balance of the bourbon.

Bourbons with a higher wheat content will be smoother with a more delicate flavor. This type of bourbon is often referred to as creamy and is known for its sweet notes and smooth, clean finish. Barley malt bourbons produce a bourbon that has fruity notes and an almost chocolate flavor. They are sweet bourbons with a more complex flavor.

Rye-heavy bourbons will be sweet, fruity, and have a spicy taste that most of us expect from a good bourbon whiskey. It will have a range of complex flavors and be a well-balanced whiskey that gives you that spicy taste but the smooth finish you come to expect.

Their extra rye-heavy bourbon features up to 36% rye, which will give the finished product a rich and complex flavor of chocolate and smoke, with a spicy, nutty taste and a smooth, well-balanced finish.

They also have an offering that is made with 99% corn. This bourbon is an exceptionally sweet bourbon that is incredibly rich and smooth. It has a clean finish with a richly sweet smell and taste. This is a favorite for those who like bourbon but can’t handle the extra spicy flavor of rye-heavy bourbon.

Tour Information

Unfortunately, the MGP Distillery is not open to the public for tours at this time.

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