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Cask Type

French Oak from Portugal

Angel’s Envy is an excellent option when considering your next bourbon to explore. The famed brand of bourbon is owned and made by the well-known and respected Bacardi Limited corporation, so all can rest assured that the brand’s quality and flavor profile is meticulously curated.

Interesting Facts

Angel’s Envy is famous for many things, not the least of which is how rare the actual bourbon is. Being such an exclusive and time-intensive bourbon, Angel’s Envy Bourbon is produced in extremely limited quantities. Bacardi Limited produces no more than 8,000 bottles per year, which qualifies this bourbon to be among some of the most scarce bourbons available.

In addition to its limited availability, Angel’s Envy bourbon is world-renowned for its unusually smooth taste and muted sipping experience. The makers of Angel’s Envy bourbon have perfected the technique of incorporating port wine barrels during the aging process to imbue the bourbon with the similar sweet and buttery characteristics that have made port wine so popular around the world.

The beloved bourbon is distilled and bottled by Angel’s Envy Distillery (aka Louisville Distilling) and originates from the home of American whiskey, Louisville, Kentucky.

While many subsequent bourbon distilleries have attempted to emulate Angel’s Envy unique flavor profile, no one has yet been able to take its place in the rare bourbon niche.

Angel’s Envy finishes the distillation process with an 86.6 proof rating due to its unique aging process, making the bourbon somewhat of an anomaly among such smooth and sweet tasting whiskeys.

Another frequently asked question is regarding the best way to drink Angel’s Envy Bourbon. In addition to the opinions of others, our experiences are that the best way to enjoy Angel’s Envy Bourbon is to utilize the “multi-pour” method. If you are not familiar with the multi-pour method, it is a manner of enjoying the bourbon in multiple steps.

The person serving the bourbon is to pour only enough bourbon for the taster to enjoy one sip. The reason for this is that higher-end bourbons are usually not chill-filtered, and those still have minuscule flakes of woodgrain particulates left in the bourbon from the aging process.

To the refined palate, these wood grains contribute a significant and vital dynamic to the bourbon’s overall flavor profile. The potency of these grains is curtailed when the multi pour method is not used.

Which Bourbons Are Comparable to Angel’s Envy?

A common question from bourbon lovers who find themselves enamored with Angel’s Envy is, “what other bourbons are similar to Angel’s Envy for me to try?” Based on our testing and findings, we have found a healthy sample set of alternative options that fall in the same category of Angel’s Envy bourbon.

W.L. Weller 12-Year-Old, Bernheim Original, Redemption Wheated Bourbon, Maker’s Mark 46, Basil Hayden’s Artfully Aged, and W.L. Weller Special Reserve are all excellent options to consider when looking to branch out beyond the specific Angel’s Envy brand of bourbon.

Mash Bill

Angel’s Envy possesses a mash bill of 72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley. The bourbon is finished in repurposed port wine casks, resulting in a unique flavor profile with pleasant notes of sweet port wine enjoyed during the tasting experience.

The bourbon is aged for roughly 6 years, with the last few months of that time period being denoted by the whiskey being transported to separate sweet port wine casks for between 3 to 6 months.

As with all bourbons, the decision on barrel type for aging is key. Angel’s Envy is aged in French oak barrels imported from Portugal. This process lends the smooth and sweet finish of the bourbon, unmatched by any of its peers.


Overall, we highly recommend taking any opportunity you may have to enjoy Angel’s Envy bourbon. Despite its high price tag and limited availability, Angel’s Envy bourbon offers a once in a lifetime whiskey drinking experience that every person should feel fortunate enough to enjoy.

Tasting Notes


Upon visual inspection, Angel’s Envy delivers a brilliant appearance to the eye. With a golden amber color and faint hues of copper, the bourbon is a stunning representation of an idyllic bourbon. 


Angel’s Envy possesses a glorious fragrance with notes of raisin, maple syrup, and traces of vanilla and roasted nuts. 


Upon tasting, Angel’s Envy releases a delectable spectrum of sensations that include brown sugar, charred oak, bitter chocolate, fruit, and vanilla. 


Upon completion of consumption, the residual experience to the taster is described as being smooth, with a lasting note of Madeira.
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