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If you are in the market for a rich, delicious, and delightful alternative to your usual whiskey bourbon choice, we think that Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream might just be one of the best choices you’ll ever make.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream has built a stellar reputation in the spirits industry and is beloved by countless whiskey bourbon lovers. For sure, few things taste any better on a cold winter night than a bourbon cream cocktail.

Hailing from the whiskey bourbon motherland of Kentucky, Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream comes from a rich heritage of fine American bourbon. The spirit is a member of the famed Buffalo Trace Distillery family of bourbons and is handcrafted with care using its award-winning Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Owned by the world-famous Sazerac Company, the bourbon is distilled and bottled at the George T. Distillery (aka Buffalo Trace Distillery) located in Frankfort, Kentucky. Its production is carefully overseen and managed by some of the industry’s most experienced master distillers.

Is Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream a Good Bourbon?

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream is an excellent bourbon with countless accolades and awards to back it up. With consecutive yearly wins since 2015 at numerous international spirits competitions, the industry has accepted and endorsed Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream as being one of the top bourbons in its class.

Having won the gold medal at the 2019 Denver International Spirits Competition, the bourbon quickly developed a stellar reputation for being a full-bodied and handcrafted bourbon made with tremendous attention to detail among the industry elite.

Mash Bill

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream’s ingredient profile possesses many similarities to the greatest dairy bourbon recipes of all time. Its ingredients by percentage are 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley, and it is generally aged for anywhere between 8 and 10 years.

Recommended Cocktails

While Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream mixes wonderfully to make countless delicious cocktails, we’ve picked a few of our favorite cocktails here to help get you started on the best path.

Cocktail Choice #1:  “Root Beer Float”

For this cocktail, you will need to mix 1 ounce of Bourbon Cream with 3 ounces of Root Beer. We encourage you to chill the bourbon first on ice for a few minutes, then slowly introduce the root beer.

Cocktail Choice #2: “Cherry Baby”

You will first mix 1 ounce of bourbon cream with half an ounce of bourbon and half an ounce of brandy for this cocktail. Then mix in 3 or 4 muddled cherries. To complete the cocktail recipe, shake the mixture in ice and then serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream?

It can be purchased at most major liquor stores around the country. Here are a few of our favorite retailers: Caskers, Meijer, Total Wine, BlackWellsWines.com, and WoodenCork.com.

Do I need to refrigerate Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream?

Given the perishable nature of some of the liqueur’s ingredients, Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream needs to be refrigerated after opening. It will generally last about 6 months before spoiling.

Does Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream contain dairy?

With Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream being a dairy liquor, the bourbon does contain real cream and milk.

Tasting Notes


Being a liqueur, Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream’s aesthetic is thicker and more opaque than traditional bourbons, thus giving it a more unusual appearance. The bourbon is a deep and dark amber hue on its own and transitions into a rich and creamy espresso color when mixed with dairy products.


From an aromatic standpoint, Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream is dynamic and complex. It retains notes of sweet vanilla and smooth cream upon initial exposure to the nostrils. Over time, the scent transitions to having a fragrance of warm caramel and honeyed custard.


The bourbon’s tasting experience ends on the palate with a rich and sweet vanilla finish that is unrivaled by its competitors in the industry.


The bourbon’s finish is smooth with a chocolate and bourbon flavor; it is basically dessert at the adult table.