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Cask Type

American Oak

Bulleit Bourbon is a tremendously popular straight bourbon choice among many whiskey loyalists who value quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. The spirit is loved by many around the country, and reviews for the bourbon are glowing across most review sources. It is a wonderful choice for those seeking a bourbon with an accessible price point and an excellent reputation.

With a rich heritage rooted in bourbon production, multi-generational single-family ownership, and the pride of its parent company at stake, consumers can be confident in their choice with Bulleit Bourbon.

Interesting Facts

Bulleit Bourbon is owned by Diageo and is distilled and bottled at the Kirin Brewing Company Four Roses Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. The bourbon is classified as a high rye whiskey, making it ideal for use as an ingredient in some of American pop culture’s most favorite cocktails.

Bulleit Bourbon is perfect for use in Old Fashioned cocktail recipes. The bourbon lends a strong spicy note to the cocktail, with noticeable ginger and black pepper flavors. The bourbon creates a unique Old Fashioned drinking experience by bringing an unrivaled dichotomy of the opposite and yet complementing tastes to the palate. The bourbon carries the pepper notes that stem from the bourbon’s traditional rye ingredient while also retaining a mild caramel and vanilla flavor that pairs nicely to create a distinctive taste.

Bulleit Bourbon is best enjoyed in a few different ways. The most common ways of drinking the bourbon are on the rocks or with a splash of water, club soda, or ginger ale. Granted, the choice is ultimately up to the personal preferences of the taster. However, these choices are the most recommended sipping options.

Many whiskey connoisseurs often wonder how the bourbon is to be pronounced. The most common mistake that many whiskey patrons make is attempting to pronounce the “i” in the name. However, when asked personally about the correct pronunciation of the bourbon’s name, the company’s owner, Tom Bulleit, stated that the correct pronunciation is the same as “bullet.”

Tom Bulleit is the founder of the Bulleit Distilling company. He is the great-great-grandson of the bourbon brand’s original master distiller, Augustus Bulleit, who made the first batch of Bulleit Bourbon in 1830.

Unfortunately, the bourbon in its original form and recipe ceased to be made after Augustus Bulleit passed away in 1860. However, in 1987, the bourbon brand was rekindled by Tom Bulleit, with slight alterations to the original Bulleit Bourbon recipe.

Mash Bill

Bulleit Bourbon is composed of 68% corn, 28% rye, and 4% malted barley, making it a fairly traditional blend of bourbon ingredients. The bourbon is most commonly aged for an average of 6 years and culminates its aging process with a 90 proof point rating. The bourbon is aged in American oak barrels that lend a rich and traditional oak based note to the overall Bulleit Bourbon tasting experience.


With a suggested retail price of $30, Bulleit’s frontier bourbon is priced among the lower end tier of American bourbons. While the bourbon will not hold up to the rich and diverse flavor profiles of some higher-priced bourbons, it does an excellent job of acting as an entry-level whiskey for bourbon lovers everywhere. Whether you are more cost-conscious in your bourbon purchasing decisions or are a newer patron of the whiskey bourbon family, Bulleit Bourbon is an excellent choice for your first artisan whiskey.

Tasting Notes


Bulleit Bourbon is rich in color, with soft leather hues, light honey tones, and an overall muted amber aesthetic that is alluring and pleasing to the eye.


Bulleit Bourbon’s aroma is best described as being rich in vanilla, orange, and caramel scents, with overtones of smoky charred oak and maple.


The palate experience of Bulleit Bourbon is refined and smooth, with pleasant caramel, brown sugar, vanilla, and citrus notes that create an enhanced and dynamic flavor profile. The brand is known for its consistent spectrum of complimenting flavors that work together intuitively to create a truly unique tasting experience.


The bourbon finish is best described as having a consistent spiciness that carries on throughout the finishing process. Notes of pepper, spice, and charred oak are most noticeable during the finish, along with undertones of mint, cherry, and butterscotch. The tasting experience’s final stages are smooth and creamy, which offsets the significant pepper and spice notes.