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If you are a true bourbon lover, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more exciting and dynamic bourbon than Rebel Yell Bourbon. Owned by Luxco, the Rebel Yell bourbon has quickly become a favorite choice among those who truly take pride in drinking quality bourbon.

With a slight spice and notes of sweetness, Rebel Yell Bourbon has a flavor profile that is sure to appeal to a large group of people with varying taste preferences for their bourbon. Let’s get into the details and specifications of what makes Rebel Yell Bourbon such a great value among so much competition in the whiskey bourbon world.

Interesting Facts

Rebel Yell Bourbon falls under the spirit classification known as “Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey”. This is noteworthy and important to know, so as not to be confused with whiskey from Scotland or Ireland, which are historically known to have a completely different flavor profile than the flavor profiles of American whiskey.

The whiskey mash (recipe) for Rebel Yell Bourbon was originally created in the mid-nineteen hundreds by Charles R. Farnsley by request, for the Stitzel-Weller distilling company. The rights to the bourbon were owned for decades, until the dissolution of the Stitzel-Weller company resulted in the Rebel Yell Bourbon brand being sold to the David Sherman Corporation (now named “Luxco”) in 1972. With the added production and distribution resources of Luxco, Rebel Yell Bourbon was able to reach a much larger number of consumers throughout the entire United States.

Currently, Rebel Yell Bourbon is distilled and aged right in the home of American whiskey creation, Bardstown, Kentucky at Luxco’s very own new distillery, Lux Row Distillers. Prior to the brand’s ownership by Luxco, Rebel Yell was produced by Heaven Hill distillery in Louisville, Kentucky.


Overall, Red Yell Bourbon is an excellent choice among its competitors, especially for the price. At an average price of $17.95 per 750ml bottle, the bourbon is neither too terribly overpriced for the average consumer, nor priced too low to be considered a dignified whiskey bourbon for any self-respecting bourbon lover.

Tasting Notes


While the precise recipe is unknown to all but a few individuals within Luxco, Rebel Yell bourbon shares many things in common with other American straight bourbon whiskeys. It is a single barrel, wheated bourbon, with an 80 proof rating (40% alcohol). Its mash bill is predominantly composed of corn and wheat, which results in the bourbon having a warm caramel color.


Upon further experience with the bourbon, the taster will notice the initial notes of butter and honey, ultimately followed by subtle yet pleasant hints of raisin. Overall, the aromatic composition of Red Yell Bourbon presents a dynamic sensory experience that is both unique and memorable.


Similar to the aromas experienced by the taster, Red Yell Bourbon presents sensations of sweet caramel mixed with noticeable hints of raisin and mash spices. The tasting experience is dynamic and multifaceted, leaving the taster eager to take the next sip.


The finish is quick with barnyard and fresh cut wheat, and is peppery, syrupy, with echos of white dog.