Widow Jane 10 Year Bourbon bottle

Widow Jane 10 Year Bourbon







10 Years

Cask Type

New Charred American Oak

Widow Jane 10 Year Single Barrel Straight Bourbon whiskey is an exceptionally unique and high-end whiskey, reserved for only the most passionate of whiskey connoisseurs. Of course, the whiskey can easily be enjoyed by anyone who is lucky enough to have the opportunity to taste it, but we recommend reading a bit more about this extraordinary whiskey to ensure that you maximize your tasting experience with this special whiskey.

Created by whiskey prodigy Daniel Prieto Preston in 2012, Widow Jane Bourbon exists within a small but highly respected niche of the whiskey market. Widow Jane Bourbon is a member of the Cacao Prieto owned family of whiskeys, all of which are sourced and distilled entirely in-house. The brand has quickly become famous for bucking many traditions in the world of whiskey production.

Keeping on brand with its unique identity, Widow Jane is produced using water that comes from the Widow Jane Mines in Rosendale, New York. The bourbon is produced in Kentucky, then shipped to New York for proof rating and bottling.

Recommended Cocktails to Make with Widow Jane Bourbon

Cocktail Choice #1: “The Brown Derby”

If you are looking for an excellent summer afternoon cocktail, then we cannot recommend The Brown Derby recipe highly enough. The cocktail is sweet and refreshing, making it ideal for a cool summer day.

To make this cocktail, you will need 50 ml of Widow Jane Bourbon, 40 ml of grapefruit juice, and 10 ml of honey. First, you will want to pour 10 ml of honey in a whiskey tumbler full of ice. Let the honey sit for 30-40 seconds, enabling it to settle towards the bottom of the glass.

Next, add the grapefruit juice, shortly followed by the Widow Jane Bourbon. The order in which ingredients are added is significant, as the flavor profile of Widow Jane is brought out by the honey and grapefruit juice as it descends down the glass.

Cocktail Choice #2: “Williams Beard”

For a more refined and “high-brow” cocktail, we recommend this cocktail recipe. To start, you will need the following ingredients: 2 ounces of Widow Jane Bourbon, 1 ounce of red vermouth, .5 ounces of Grand Marnier, an orange peel, and roughly 8 dashes of your favorite bitters.

The construction of this cocktail should be done in a whiskey tumbler. Simply combine the listed ingredients in any order you desire, mixing it with ice. Add an orange peel for garnishing, and enjoy!

Tasting Notes


The presentation of Widow Jane is elegant, subtle, and understated. Its amber hue is quite rich and concentrated, creating an orange and red tonal aesthetic.


Widow Jane bourbon presents exquisite aromas, with strong initial notes of charred oak and vanilla, which are followed by hints of raisin and apple.


The initial tasting experience of Widow Jane is defined by initial hints of corn, cherry, orange, and vanilla. As the tasting experience unfolds, faint notes of caramel and brown sugar come to the forefront of the palate.


Widow Jane bourbon has an initial spice and heat that is bold in nature. Notes of pepper and oak are noticeable at the outset as well, but subside quickly.


Flavor Profile


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