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When it comes to the world of American batch bourbon, everyone knows one thing, the family of Heaven Hill Brands bourbons is hard to beat. Heaven Hill is known for consistently producing excellent bourbons and whiskeys at all different price points. This has kept the family of Heaven Hill bourbons a favorite among all types of bourbon drinkers, from the casual dilettante all the way to the serious connoisseur.

Within the Heaven Hill bourbon family, Larceny Bourbon has risen to the top among true bourbon aficionados. With numerous wins at prominent bourbon festivals and a truly loyal fanbase, Larceny Bourbon has garnered a loyal group of supporters in the higher end wheated whisky bourbon market.

With a smooth and unique flavor profile that will leave a lasting memory, Larceny Bourbon just might become your next “go-to” American wheated bourbon.

Interesting Facts

As with most American bourbons, Larceny Bourbon has a rich and storied history. Larceny Bourbon’s legacy is rooted deeply in America’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon tradition of quality. Owned by Heaven Hill Brands, Larceny Bourbon is distilled and bottled in Nelson County at the company’s private distillery, known as Heaven Hill Distillery.

Larceny Bourbon is a small batch wheated whiskey from a selected small batch of fewer than 200 barrels. Heaven Hill attests that while the limited use of barrels increases their overall costs, their priority is to ensure the high-quality tradition that the bourbon is known for. The small batches allow the master distillers to closely monitor the bourbon as it journeys along its aging process.

Which Bourbons Are Similar to Larceny Bourbon?

While no two bourbons are the same, Larceny Bourbon shares similarities to some other bourbons currently on the market. For those who enjoy their experiences with Larceny Bourbon, we recommend considering some of the following bourbons.

1792 Sweet Wheat is a great option for those looking for something in the same genre of Larceny, but with a slightly different tasting experience. Owned by Sazerac and distilled at the legendary Barton 1792 distillery, this wheated bourbon is famous for placing first in the 2018 Los Angeles Spirits Competition and is a noted favorite of many artists and creatives, including the famed Mr. Bill Murray. 1792 Sweet Wheat possesses notes of dried fruits and oak tannin, with a subtle honey caramel appearance.

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength also finds itself often mentioned in the same breath as Larceny Bourbon when discussing fine American whiskeys. Owned by Jim Beam and made at the famed Maker’s Mark distillery, the Cask Strength Bourbon retains a rich, fruity taste with hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and cherries.

Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel debuted in the whiskey market in 2015 and was not well received initially due to inconsistent flavor profiles and fluctuations in batch qualities at the beginning. Despite its rocky start early on, the brand has more than recovered and has become a favorite among whiskey bourbon lovers. Wyoming Whiskey is known for its single barrel aging process and is composed of pleasant nutty, vanilla, and honey flavors.

How Did Larceny Bourbon Get its Name?

A common and understandably legitimate curiosity is how Larceny Bourbon received its name. Sure enough, in true whiskey lore fashion, the story is a great one.

During the prohibition era, whiskey, like all other alcohol, was a scarce commodity. With alcohol made formally illegal by the federal government, most Americans were forced to go without alcohol or pay inflated costs for homemade moonshine. However, as we all know too well, the laws often aren’t the same for well connected and powerful individuals, and this case is no different.

During this period, John E. Fitzgerald, a U.S. Treasury Agent, was known to use his unique access abilities and contacts to procure, mind you illegally, some of the nation’s finest whiskeys for himself and close associates by committing larceny against the less connected and powerful of his fellow American countrymen. Hence the name “Larceny” Bourbon was born and inspired by one individual’s actions during a unique period of American history.

Mash Bill

Larceny Bourbon possesses a fairly traditional mash bill of 68% corn, 20% wheat, 12% malted barley. The bourbon is composed of whiskeys aged in wooden barrels for anywhere between 6 to 12 years and has an average proof of 46%. Heaven Hill prides itself on ensuring that no more than 200 barrels are used in the entire aging process of Larceny Bourbon, thus ensuring continuity of flavor profiles and quality.

Tasting Notes


We are confident that you will ultimately enjoy your experience with Larceny Bourbon. With its high-end flavor profile, strong attention to quality distillation, and approachable price point, we feel that Larceny Bourbon is an excellent choice to consider.


Upon first exposure to the taster’s olfactory sense, Larceny Bourbon’s prominent oak and cedar notes are the first thing noticed. As time passes from the initial aroma, the taster will begin to notice faint and pleasing hints of cherry, leather, and tobacco.


Upon introduction to the palate, the taster will experience distinguished tones of clove nutmeg, sweet orange, and smooth chocolate. The bourbon’s woody sensation backs up the initial tastes and lingers on pleasantly after the bourbon travels beyond the palate.


The tail end of the tasting experience is defined by cedar and oak sensations coupled with faint hints of spice.