Redemption Bourbon

Redemption Bourbon







9 Year Old​

Cask Type

New Charred Oak Barrels

As many whiskey aficionados are all too familiar with, American whiskey has a storied history with a tremendously high bar for quality already having been set. Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select, Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye, and others all pose stiff competition to any whiskey outsider trying to supplant any of the classics. However, Redemption Bourbon is quickly building a strong reputation as a top contender among many of these classics.

Taking the whiskey world by storm, Redemption Bourbon reintroduces “America’s Native Spirit” to its stable of renowned whiskey offerings. With the whiskey line’s acquisition by the Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits Company, Redemption Bourbon has received significant attention and investment from its new owners, intending to produce top-shelf quality whiskey at a much more affordable price. This effort has paid off as of recent, and the entire Redemption Whiskey portfolio of spirits has experienced a significant revitalization in the massively popular whiskey market.

Unique to Redemption Bourbon, bourbon’s spirit line is made with rye sourced from the famed Midwest Grain Products Company in Indiana, USA. Midwest Grain has been known for decades as the top rye producer in America, with virtually every top whiskey spirits producer in the market sourcing their rye to ensure the best chance of producing top-shelf whiskey. However, much more than just quality rye is needed to produce a great bourbon whiskey.

That is where the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Dave Carpenter comes into the picture. Dave was recently brought in by the Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits Company, and tasked with the vital responsibility of upholding the strong heritage of Redemption Whiskey. Dave has taken on the role of “Master Blender” and has entirely revamped the Redemption Bourbon’s distillation process, resulting in one of the most impressive whiskey bourbons on the market today.

Having previously contributed to the longstanding success of Jim Beam and Jeptha Creed, Dave Carpenter ensures the maintenance of Redemption Bourbon’s distinct taste by meticulously managing the aging and batching process and ultimately guaranteeing that this bourbon is a true reflection of what it means to be a classic American Whiskey. To finish off the entire process, Redemption Bourbon is bottled in Kentucky to maintain constant oversight of the comprehensive distillation process.

Tasting Notes


When it comes to appearance, aroma, and palate experience, Redemption Bourbon carries a unique overall flavor profile. Upon first pour, the aspect that initially stands out is its beautiful aesthetic. The bourbon is a stunning and beautiful light golden hue. Once settled into its glass, the next thing that becomes immediately apparent is the spirit’s aromatic scent.


Rich with notes of charred oak, sweet vanilla, cinnamon, and savory malted barley, Redemption Bourbon warmly invites the connesurier to dive in for a taste of what is surely to come next for the palate.


Upon first taste, the sweet taste mixed with subtle hints of rye spice are noticed immediately. The Redemption Bourbon retains those classic flavors of quality bourbon that makes it unique among the whiskey family.


Medium to long, but well rounded. The sweet finishing taste creates a lighter experience that makes the Redemption Bourbon recipe one for even the most novice taster to enjoy.
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