Jack Daniels vs Johnnie Walker

Jack Daniel’s vs Johnnie Walker

The fight for global supremacy in the world of whiskey comes down to these two brands — which represent the whiskey-making traditions of two continents.

Wild Turkey 101 vs Maker's Mark

Wild Turkey 101 vs Maker’s Mark

We stand on the backs of giants. This matchup pits a protector of the pre-prohibition, high rye, bonded whiskey-making style against a pioneer in the

Irish whiskey vs Scotch

Irish Whiskey vs Scotch

Irish and Scottish whiskies have intertwined histories that date back nearly a millennium. But for the modern whiskey fan, knowing the nuanced differences between these

Bourbon vs Cognac vs Whiskey

Bourbon vs Cognac vs Whiskey

So, you’re eying up that bottle of Hennessy, Rémy Martin or Courvoisier at your local liquor store or favorite bar. You might find yourself asking,

Crown Royal vs Jack Daniel's

Crown Royal vs Jack Daniel’s

Tonight, we’ve got the North American heavyweight whiskey title on the line. Jack Daniel’s and Crown Royal. These are the two top-selling whiskey brands in

Eagle Rare vs Blanton's

Eagle Rare vs Blanton’s

Today, we look at two elusive bottles of bourbon that are much sought after by those in the know. The well-versed bourbon enthusiast is on

Bourbon vs Rum vs Whiskey

Bourbon vs Rum vs Whiskey

Think of this as continued education in your matured spirits track. So far, you’ve been learning more about distilled spirits, falling further and further down

Brandy vs Bourbon

Brandy vs Bourbon

Brandy vs Bourbon If you’re relatively new to the world of distilled spirits, you may find yourself torn between the bourbon and brandy aisles. Looking

Buffalo Trace Bourbon vs Maker's Mark Bourbon

Buffalo Trace vs Maker’s Mark

Buffalo Trace and Maker’s Mark are two of the most easily recognized and well-respected names in the world of Kentucky Bourbon. But name recognition alone

Irish whiskey vs Bourbon

Irish Whiskey vs Bourbon

We can all agree on the spelling. While American and Irish whiskeys have many things in common, both agree that whiskey should be spelled with

Eagle Rare vs Buffalo Trace

Eagle Rare vs Buffalo Trace

This matchup pits two products produced by the same company against each other. Both Eagle Rare and Buffalo Trace offer high-quality liquid for the suggested

Knob Creek vs Jim Beam

Knob Creek vs Jim Beam

What if we told you that Knob Creek was Jim Beam? And that Jim Beam was Knob Creek? Clearly, any bourbon fan who has tried

Maker's Mark vs Jim Beam

Maker’s Mark vs Jim Beam

This might be considered fratricide… Today’s matchup is between two brands of whiskey that fall under the same family tree. One an iconic bourbon, top-selling

Woodford Reserve vs Maker's Mark

Woodford Reserve vs Maker’s Mark

In this American whiskey showdown, we’ll take a look at two prominent Bourbon whiskey brands that are premium-category fan favorites of bourbon aficionados everywhere. While

George Dickel vs Jack Daniel's

George Dickel vs Jack Daniel’s

We’ve got a Tennessee showdown on our hands. Jack Daniel’s and George Dickel represent the No. 1 and No. 2-selling brands of Tennessee whiskey in

Jim Beam White vs Black

Jim Beam White vs Black

Aged a little older. A little higher proof. Jim Beam Black Label Bourbon is a premium brand extension of the popular Jim Beam offering referred

Crown Royal vs Maker's Mark

Crown Royal vs Maker’s Mark

If you are a well-seasoned bourbon or Canadian whisky aficionado, you may be wondering, ‘Why does this post exist?’   These two brands might have more

Knob Creek vs Woodford Reserve

Knob Creek vs Woodford Reserve

We’ve got ourselves a very fine matchup, indeed. Most bourbon drinkers are familiar with the names Knob Creek and Woodford Reserve. But a closer look

Buffalo Trace vs Knob Creek

Buffalo Trace vs Knob Creek

In the showdown between Knob Creek and Buffalo Trace, the real winner is anyone calling themselves a bourbon fan! Each is an excellent bourbon. You